Best Greenhouse Kits

Best Greenhouse Kits

One of the best greenhouse kits is the Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouse kit. The length and width are 5’6″ and the height is 6′. It’s highly rated (4 stars) and a top seller. You can buy this greenhouse kit and more here…Shop Now at

Best Greenhouse Kits - Ohuhu Walk-In Greenhouse

The Ohuhu Walk-in greenhouse kit is very easy to assemble. The frame is all steel tubing that is rust resistant and will last many years. It’s also very strong. Anyone can assemble it without any tools. The steel frame tubes use connectors to secure them together. Just push them together. No bolts or screws. It should only require about 30 minutes to complete. It’s great for the backyard.

Gardman R687 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Kit

Best Greenhouse Kits - Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Kit

The Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Kit is very popular. It’s small and portable so it will fit in very small backyards and even on porches and patios too. The measurements are 27″ long by 18″ wide and 63″ in height. It’s great for herbs, flowers and vegetable plants. There are 4 tiers or shelves that you can put plants on either in trays or pots. You can grow your garden in summer and winter with this cute little mini greenhouse.

Gardman 4 Tier mini Greenhouse Kit Features

  • Ideal for small backyards or homes where space is an issue; place it on a deck, patio or balcony
  • Gives seeds, seedlings, and young plants an early start
  • Clear polyethylene cover and roll-up zippered door for easy access
  • Strong push fit tubular steel frame assembles in minutes without any tools
  • 27″ long x 18″ wide x 63″ high

Quictent Mini Cloche Greenhouse Kit

The Quictent Mini Greenhouse kit is a little different style than the other greenhouse kits. This one uses the ground as its floor. It’s like a greenhouse cover that you can place over your garden. It’s very easy to assemble, no tools needed…just push the frame together and then slip on the PVC cover.

Here is a photo of the contents. Powder coated steel tubing is used for the frame with plastic connectors. It’s very simple to put together and take apart. The assembled size is 71″ wide by 36″ deep and 36″ high. It’s lightweight and portable. You can put it where ever you want.

Small Greenhouse for Gardens

Ideal Small Greenhouse for Gardens

Would you like to garden all year round, even in the fall and winter?

…Well, you can with a small greenhouse.

A greenhouse allows you to grow anything during times when the weather is cold. Greenhouses trap the Sun’s heat inside and allows you to maintain 70-85 degrees F. all year round. They also trap moisture so you have to water your plants less. There are hundreds of sizes and styles to choose from. Here is a link so you can see your options…Shop Now at

Here are some other benefits of a small greenhouse.

  • Keeps out pests like birds and small animals
  • Weeds are almost none existent in a greenhouse
  • Grow tropical plants in any climate
  • Preserve moisture so you have to water less
  • Keeps bugs out and/or under control
  • Grow more plants in less space because you can stack
  • Available in many sizes to fit your needs
  • Very inexpensive
  • Portable – you can take it down and store it or move it easily

Greenhouses are very easy to setup and are very inexpensive. You can get a mini 4 tier greenhouse for about $40 or go bigger and get a walk-in greenhouse for about $50-$200 depending on size. All greenhouses are portable which means you can always move it or take it down.

Mini 4 Tier Greenhouse

mini greenhouse

Larger Walk-In Greenhouse (15′ x 7′ x 7′)

Walk-In Small Greenhouse