$7.00 20 Gallon Compost Bin DIY

You can make your own Compost bin for well under $10. If you look at the price of most brand name compost bins, you’ll see they cost about $50 and up. Do they work better? Nope

So how can you make a compost bin for under $10? I made my own for about $7.00.

All you need to make a compost bin is a large plastic container like a storage container and a lid. Then drill some ventilation holes in it.

Here is the one I bought at Walmart. It’s a Mainstays brand and it’s 20 gallons and cost $6.78. I drilled ventilation holes in sides, top and bottom.

Here is the label in case you want to get the exact same one.

This is the top with the lid on. I drilled 6 holes for ventilation.

This is a side view so you can see how deep the container is and the ventilation holes I drilled in it with a 3/8 drill bit.

Here’s a look at the inside. It’s a nice sized compost bin. I will most likely get another one shortly.

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How Does a Compost Tumbler Bin Work?

How does a compost tumbler bin work?

It’s very simple. A compost tumbler is a compost bin in the shape of a barrel and usually mounted on a frame that allows it to spin. This is the key to a compost tumbler, it spins on its frame and mixes or turns the compost inside. Ordinary compost bins require you to hand turn the compost inside.

Here is a typical compost tumbler bin. It makes composting easier and faster. The more air that gets into the mix the faster it decomposes. All you have to do is spin the tumbler a few times every other day or once per week or whenever. When you add materials to the compost tumbler bin, always spin it afterwards to mix it. Also when you add water, give it a spin.

Compost Tumbler Bins are thick plastic with air holes or slots in the sides to allow air circulation. They also have a door where you add compost materials in. Another benefit is tumblers are portable. You can easily pick them up and move them to a new location. If you try to move a conventional compost bin, you have to move the bin and then move all of the compost and put it back in the bin. The bottom of most ordinary compost bins is open.

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Do Coffee Grounds Help Plants?

Do coffee grounds help plants?

Yes…used coffee grounds are very beneficial for plants. You can either put them in your compost bin as a Green or put them directly on/in the soil around your plants. You can also dilute leftover coffee brew and water your plants with it.

Coffee grounds are neutral in pH so they will not change your current soil’s pH. Coffee grounds are organic and will release some Nitrogen to the soil but not as much as compost. Coffee grounds will also help aerate the soil, increase drainage and retain moisture. It really enhances any soil. Another added benefit is it helps microorganisms thrive which keep plants healthy and disease free. Coffee also attracts worms. And it smells good.

Other uses for used coffee grounds

  • Mulch around your plants and gardens.
  • Slug and snail repellent
  • Pest repellent – cats, mice and rabbits
  • Worm food in vermicomposting
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Do K-Cup Coffee Cups have Coffee Grounds?

Do K-cup single serving coffee cups for the Keurig coffee machine have coffee grounds in them?

The short answer is YES. Some people were wondering if there were coffee grounds in them or instant coffee. It’s definitely genuine coffee grounds.

At my work place there are 2 Keurig machines. So I gathered up some of the used K-cups and took them home. I cut the foil top and pulled it off. I saw genuine coffee grounds inside. I dumped the coffee grounds in a plastic container and will later spread it in my backyard and box gardens. Coffee grounds are excellent for enhancing the soil just like compost.

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Where to Get Free Coffee Grounds

So where can you get free coffee grounds?

  1. Local coffee shops – stop in and ask them what they do with the used coffee grounds. Ask if they wouldn’t mind putting them in a bag and saving them for you. Most will gladly help you if you’re super nice.
  2. Gas Stations – most gas stations have a convenience store that sells coffee. Stop in ask if they would save the coffee grounds and filters for you. Then buy something from the store. It’s good Karma
  3. Diners and restaurants – especially those that are open early or late at night (Denny’s). They probably serve a lot of coffee. Just ask politely.
  4. Office – if you work in an office and they have coffee for employees, then you have a good source for used coffee grounds.
  5. Starbucks – Starbucks has a program for gardeners but not at all locations but anyway they bag the used coffee grounds and give them away free.
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