6 Reasons to Use Compost Tea

Here are 6 reasons to make and use compost tea.

  1. Increase plant growth – you will see faster growth of branches, leaves, flowers and fruit/vegetables. Leaves will be larger and greener. Flowers will be larger with more vibrant colors. Fruit and vegetables will grow faster and taste better. Plants will produce more flowers and/or fruits. They will also be much healthier and be disease free.
  2. Provides nutrients to plants – Compost tea is loaded with nutrients and can be used on the soil or the plants foliage. Compost tea is very easily absorbed through leaves and roots. It will leave foliage disease and mold free. The beneficial microbes ward off any pathogens. So spray it on the foliage and the soil.
  3. Provides beneficial micro organisms – the live mocirbes in compost tea enhances soil and strengthens the immune system of plants. Beneficial bacteria growth in the soil helps plants become strong and resilient to stress. The chelated micro-nutrients are easily absorbed.
  4. Suppress plant diseases – Compost tea helps create a balance between plant and soil which helps plants fight off diseases, pests, fungus and mold. Compost tea’s microbial functions include competes with bad microbes, degrades pesticides, produces plant growth hormones, mineralizes plants available nutrients and optimizes nitrogen usage.
  5. Replaces toxic soil chemicals –┬ácompost tea will remove all poisons that kill beneficial insects not to mention the harmful effects to animals and humans. It replaces and is more effective than synthetic fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. It works naturally. Compost tea will never burn or harm any plant unlike fertilizers. It’s not only the best plant supplement but its also the cheapest, especially if you make it yourself. Turn your trash into valuable compost tea.
  6. Recycle organics instead of filling the landfills –┬áThis is one of the best parts about compost tea….your being a responsible Earth inhabitant. Recycle organics so that waste is minimized and your garden and lawn will thank you for it. Plus it’s really fun to do. I love composting!
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