Are Coffee Grounds Brown or Green Compost?

Are coffee grounds brown or green compost?

Coffee grounds are actually to be classified as a Green even though its Carbon/Nitrogen ratio is 20:1. It is considered a Green or a Nitrogen because it does have a lot of Nitrogen.

Coffee grounds are an excellent addition to your compost pile and your garden. You can even use a thin layer of coffee grounds as a mulch. Coffee grounds improve the texture of soil and allow roots to expand easily. Softer soil is better for plants than hard compacted soil.

Coffee grounds also contain Potassium and Phosphorus. Potassium helps plants retain moisture while Phosphorus helps photosynthesis energy get transmitted throughout the plant.

Coffee grounds and brewed coffee will heat up your compost pile quickly. I read that someone put a few layers of coffee grounds in a compost pile and the temperature went up to 140-150 degrees F for 2 days. Heat speeds up the decomposing process. Coffee is just the thing to get things moving quicker.

If you are a brewer of coffee, you’ll have a good supply of used coffee grounds but if you do not brew your own or you don’t drink coffee then you can easily get a good supply of coffee grounds at your local coffee shop. Some coffee shops will have bags of used coffee grounds by the door for free.

Coffee grounds will lower the PH of alkaline soils because coffee grounds are slightly acidic. Most plants thrive in acidic soil.

If you vermicompost or compost with worms then you should add some coffee grounds to your vermicompost. Worms LOVE coffee!

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