Bat Guano Fertilizer

So what exactly is Bat Guano fertilizer?

….the short answer is, it’s Bat poop.

Bat Guano is one of the most nutrient rich natural fertilizers you can buy. It’s rich in nitrogen and phosphorus plus trace minerals. Phosphorus is essential for plants to develop a strong root system and helps with flower growth. The high amount of nitrogen in bat guano will make plants grow rapidly with bright green foliage. Plant fruit and flower production will increase.

Bat Guano is a 10-3-1 fertilizer. It contains 10% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium.

Bat Guano has been used as a soil enhancer/enricher for centuries. The fertilizer is only made from fruit and insect eating bats. It is odor free and fast acting. You will see results in a few days.

Bat Guano can be spread on the surface of your soil or worked in or tilled into the soil. Either way will bring fantastic results. It will also modify the soil texture allowing better drainage and aeration. Soil will no longer dry out and compact like a rock.

Bat Guano is also a natural fungicide. It will control nematode populations naturally without commercial chemicals.

If you have a compost bin then you will appreciate the fact that Bat Guano is an excellent compost accelerator. It has a lot of beneficial microbes in it. It will speed up the decomposing process.

Because Bat Guano is super concentrated, you don’t have to apply much. A little goes a long way but you do not have to worry about putting too much down. Bat guano will never harm your plants.

If you really want to get your plants jumping (growth and health) brew up some Bat Guano Tea. Just add 1 cup of bat guano to a gallon of water and let it steep overnight. Now you’re ready to deep root fertilize. Just water your plants like normal with the bat guano tea.

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