Best Fertilizer for a Vegetable Garden

Best Fertilizer for a Vegetable Garden

The absolute best fertilizer for a vegetable garden is worm castings. Nothing else even comes close to the nutrient content of worm castings. Worm castings or worm humus is full of carbon, nitrogen, beneficial microbes, minerals and enzymes. Not only does it contain everything a plant needs to grow and stay healthy but it also brings this nutrition to the plant in an easy to absorb matrix.

Worm castings is not only a fantastic fertilizer but also a soil enhancer. It will modify the texture of soil so that it will not dry out and compact. It also helps the soil retain moisture. This means you will have to water your garden less.

I have also read that worm castings will repel some pests like white flies. Apparently the enzymes left by the worms repels them.

Another plus for worm castings is the fact that you don’t have to worry about burning or killing your vegetables if you over fertilize. Worm castings will never harm your plants no matter how much you spread around. It’s fool proof.

You can get worms castings from a local worm farm. It’s pretty cheap. The worm farm in my area sells worm castings for $1/lb. That’s a great deal. If you don’t have a worm farm in your neighborhood, you can order it online. It’s about $2/lb. You can get free shipping at some online stores.

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