Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

The absolute best organic fertilizer for vegetables is worm castings or vermicompost. It contains the most nutrients of any fertilizer and is 100% organic and will not harm plants even if you use too much.

Benefits of Worm Castings for Vegetable Gardens

  • Worm castings will never burn your plants like some synthetic fertilizers do.
  • Worm castings will enhance the soil with beneficial microbes and bacteria
  • Worm castings will help retain water in the soil so you don’t have to water as often
  • Worm castings are very potent and a little goes a long way. You won’t need a large 30lb bag for your garden.
  • Worm castings contain more nutrients than any other fertilizer
  • Worm castings add organic material to your garden soil which provides nitrogen and carbon
  • Worm castings will modify the texture of dry, hard clay soils and sandy soils. These soils will loosen up and not compact as much. Water and air will penetrate more easily.
  • Enzymes in worm castings tend to repel plant juice eating bugs like aphids.
  • Worm castings are inexpensive and you can buy it online with free shipping. I bought Sun Gro Black Gold Earthworm Castings 8 qt bag for $11.00.

Worm castings fertilizer is very flexible when it comes to applying it in your garden. You can put down as much as you want. You can sprinkle some around your plants and then see how they do or apply a 1″ layer over your entire vegetable garden and not have to fertilize again for 6 months. It’s so easy and there are no worries.

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