Can I Put Citrus in My Compost?

Can I put Citrus in my compost?

The short answer is YES.

You may have heard that Citrus is not good for composting because of the oil. Citrus oil is very repelling to many insects and small animals but that does not make it a bad compost material. Some people thought that citrus oils can kill worms and other organisms but this is not true. Worms do not like to eat citrus and will avoid it but it won’t kill them or prevent your compost pile from decomposing.

There is no danger to adding citrus peels or fruit to a compost pile. Citrus peels do decompose slowly so it is a good idea to cut them up in small pieces to speed up decomposition.

Adding Citrus to your compost will actually heat things up. I read that a gentleman added a small bucket of citrus waste from a juicer to his compost and it nearly doubled the temperature!

However, if you are vermicomposting then you might not want to use citrus. Vermicomposting is composting using worms to process the organic materials. Worms do not like to eat citrus so it would be a waste to add them. Only feed them things they like.

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