Natural Bug Repellent for House and Yard

Would you like to keep bugs/inspects out of your house and yard?

…and without using toxic smelly pesticide chemicals?

The truth is you absolutely can. I have been able to keep those noisy crickets away from my house for 3 years now without using pesticides.

So how did I do it?

…Cedar Mulch.

That’s right Cedar Mulch is a great natural bug repellent. I spread Cedar Mulch around the perimeter of my house in a 2-3″ layer. I push the mulch up against the foundation and then spread it outwards about 2 feet. The sap in Cedar is toxic to insects and they avoid it like the Plague.

Cedar Mulch Insect Repellent

Cedar Mulch bug barrier 2

Why do you think Cedar Chests were used to store clothing? Because it repels insects like moths that eat fabric.

Cedar Mulch not only repels insects of all kinds but is also a great soil conditioner. It will help the soil retain moisture and add nitrogen as it decomposes. It also makes the yard smell nice.

Cedar Mulch is much cheaper to use as a bug barrier than any pesticide. Most gallon containers of pesticides are about $30 and that last about 6 months. Cedar Mulch costs about $3.50/2 cubic ft bag at Home Depot. I used about 15 bags to cover the backyard perimeter of my house. That cost me $55.00. These 15 bags will last about 3 years. After 3 years, I start adding to the existing mulch, a few bags every other month.