Kellogg Raised Bed & Potting Mix Review

So is the Kellogg Raised Bed & Potting Mix any good?

I try to find reviews on products before I ever buy them. I like to know what to expect before I buy something. Makes sense right?

I found a few reviews on the Kellogg garden soil and compost products and I have to say that most of them were not good. People complained that they found plastic, nails and bugs inside the bags. This made me a little leery of buying any Kellogg garden product. I was still interested in them because Lowes carries them and they are inexpensive.

Anyway….I bought a bag of the Kellogg Raised Bed & Potting Mix for my raised box garden. I think the 3 cubic foot bag was $9.00.

Here’s what the bag looks like. It’s pretty heavy…about 50 lbs. Let’s take a look inside the bag.

So far this stuff looks pretty nice. It’s moist, dark and finely mulched. No large wood chips or other large debris.

To my surprise, I found nothing but dark, organic compost/garden soil. I have to say that this stuff looks really great. I went through it by hand and found nothing but organic material that is perfect for a box garden. I dumped the entire bag into my raised box garden.

I have a few vegetable plants growing in my box garden for a few months now and they are all doing spectacular!

I have to say that I would recommend the Kellogg Raised Bed & Potting Mix for anyone wanting a superb substrate to grow plants in. It’s perfect for a garden and around trees.

Kellogg Garden Soil Review

I recently setup a raised box garden in my back yard and was looking for compost to fill it with. So I went online to find some reviews on the products that Lowes sells. Lowes carries a lot of compost and soil from Kellogg. Is it any good?

The reviews I found online were NOT GOOD. There were lots of complaints about non-organic stuff in the Kellogg products like N’ Rich, Garden Soil and Raised Bed & Potting Mix. People said they found lots of plastic and nails and bugs in the bag. So I decided to buy a bag of each of theses products and see what I get.

The 3 cubic foot bag of Kellogg All Natural Garden Soil was about $9 and so its pretty cheap. I will show you what’s inside the bag.

Here is a closeup of the contents of the Kellogg Garden Soil bag. It’s finely mulched organic compost material…like tree trimmings and other wood. At least that what I would call it. Nothing but dark, rich, earthy compost.

I think it’s great compost for gardens or for tree soil enhancement or fertilizer. I found no non-organic stuff…no plastic no nails nor anything unacceptable for growing plants. I dumped the entire bag into my raised box garden. I have 2 strawberry pants, 1 tomato plant, 1 green pepper plant and some cucumber plants growing for about a month and they are doing great!