Large Walk-in Greenhouse Kit

Would you just love to have your own greenhouse?

..but how do you build one?

You don’t have to build it yourself. Believe it or not you can buy a greenhouse kit and put it together. They’re not expensive either. How about under $100?

Check this large walk-in greenhouse… It’s from

Simple but very functional. It’s easy to assemble and portable.

Here are the dimensions. It’s roughly 5’x5’x6′. Large enough to grow all kinds of flowers and vegetables. There are lots of shelves too.

Here is one setup inside a larger nursery greenhouse.

Another one setup outside in the yard. It’s large enough to be practical yet small enough to set it up anywhere.

This one was just assembled. They are easy to assemble but may require 2 people. The instructions are not that good but it’s not hard to figure out.

Here is one setup inside.

You can set it up in the front yard. It’s a good idea to fasten the greenhouse to the ground in case you get some strong wind. You don’t want it to blow down the street.

Growing beautiful flowers in the middle of winter. Cool huh?