What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a mineral which is exfoliated and bound to organic materials like Peat or composted pine bark to produce a soiless growing media. This soiless mixture promotes faster root growth and quick support for growing plants. It works well for hydroponic gardeners/farmers.

Vermiculite is an excellent growing media because it helps to retain moisture, food and air.

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Vermiculite is also great for germinating seeds. It can be used alone or mixed with soil, peat or coconut coir. Very little water is needed.

Vermiculite is also a great soil enhancer or modifier. If you have heavy, compacted soil, mix up to 50% Vermiculite with your soil. This will loosen the soil, allow more aeration and drainage. The loose soil allows for better root growth. If you have sandy dry soil, Vermiculite will help retain water and introduce more air.

What is the Use of Potassium in Plants?

Potassium and Plants

Potassium is a essential nutrient for plants to grow. It is second only to nitrogen. Potassium affects things like color, plant size and shape, taste and other physical attributes.

Here is a list of what plants use potassium for.

  • regulate CO2
  • produce of ATP
  • regulate water
  • improve drought resistance
  • protein and starch synthesis
  • enzyme activation

Plants deficient in potassium will exhibit these signs.

  • scorched leaves with yellowing at edges
  • slow or stunted growth
  • poor resistance to temperature changes
  • poor resistance to drought
  • defoliation