Grow King Steer Manure Review

Is Grow King Steer Manure from Lowes any good?

I have a neglected lemon tree in my back yard that had ZERO leaves on it and it looked almost dead. I have not fertilized it…EVER. My bad. Now I want to save it and make it healthy.

So I bought 2 bags of Grow King Steer Manure at Lowes. I can’t remember how much it was. This is composted steer manure.

Here’s the bag of Grow King Steer Manure. It’s a 1 cubic foot bag. Let’s see what the inside looks like.

Nothing but composted organic material along with steer manure. It looks great and actually helped revive my lemon tree. I spread both bags around the tree base and then turned the soil.

It’s been about 2 months since I put the 2 bags of steer manure around my lemon tree and have been watering it twice a week and now half the tree has deep green leaves and new branch shoots. It’s doing great now.

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