How Do I Make My Own Organic Fertilizer?

A lot of people want to make their own fertilizer since they don’t know how commercial fertilizers are made and from what. People are afraid of chemicals in general and rightfully so.

Natural fertilizers work far better than chemical fertilizers and are much safer. And they are much cheaper too.

So how do you make fertilizer?

You make it from organic materials like dead leaves, dead grass, banana peels, wood chips or mulch, carrot peels, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc. Check out this article for more info…Ways to Fertilize for Free.

You can collect these types of materials and compost them in a container. You dump them in a ventilated container with a lid to speed up the decomposing process. Decomposition makes the nutrients easier for plants to use but you could just put these items in the soil and let nature take its course. It will be a little slower but works well.

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer. If you do not make coffee, you can pick up some coffee grounds free at Starbucks. They participate in the “Grounds for your Garden Program”.

Compost enhances the soil with nutrients and minerals plus it modifies the texture so that water can drain through at the right flow. Not too much drainage and not too little. And it’s organic and will never harm your plants. You can’t kill plants from too much compost.