How Do You Build a Raised Garden Bed?

How do you build a raised garden bed?

It’s pretty easy to build a raised garden bed. You can do it from scratch by buying the lumber at a home improvement store and have them cut it to size. The more difficult part is fastening the sides together without using any materials that might be harmful or dangerous to humans. Remember…anything you use to make a garden will eventually get into the soil and then into the plants. Glues or screws or nails will eventually leave unwanted compounds in the soil which will then get into the plants. Pegging the sides together with cedar dowels is most likely the best way but it’s not easy or fast. You have to cut the dowels to size and drill all of the sides with 2 holes. Then peg all the sides together.

Believe it or not, it will be more expensive to build a raised garden bed from scratch than from a kit. Cedar, cypress and redwood are expensive. I priced out what it would cost for me to buy the lumber and build a raised garden bed from scratch and it was about $100. I bought a kit for $40.

Do yourself a huge favor… a raised garden bed kit. Then you can spend a lot of time setting it up and growing vegetables and flowers instead of building it.

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