How Do You Build a Raised Garden Bed?

How do you build a raised garden bed?

It’s very easy.

First you need to decide what materials you want to make it out of and what size. You can use wood, metal, plastic and stone or brick.

If you want to make a raised garden bed out of wood, you need to choose cedar, cypress or redwood. Other woods will rot and/or be eaten by termites. Cedar, cypress and redwood are resistant to insects and rot. These woods can last up to 20 years in a raised garden bed. You can go to your local home improvement store and purchase the lumber and have it cut to size.

Don’t nail the wood sides together nor use a glue. Remember what ever materials you use to make the raised garden bed will eventually get into the soil and then into the plants. I recommend pegging the sides together with cedar dowels. You drill holes in the ends of the sides the same size as the dowel peg. Then insert the dowel into the holes in the end and push or hammer the sides together. The easy way is to buy a raised garden bed kit and just put it together.

Another easy and safe material for a garden bed is brick or stone. You can use standard mortar to cement the bricks or stones together in any shape you want and any height. When it’s dry, just fill in the garden bed frame with compost, coconut coir and soil.

Be careful with plastics. Make sure they are safe to use for a garden. There are raised garden bed kits that use plastic sides. Do your homework and check these out before you buy one. Make sure they are safe.

Metal does not make a good raised garden bed for many reasons. Depending on the metal, it may rust or corrode. It may also leach metal into the garden soil and then into the plants. It’s also expensive and heavy. It’s much harder to work with than wood.

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