How Do You Make Organic Fertilizer?

How Do You Make Organic Fertilizer?

There are 2 ways you can make organic fertilizer.

  1. Compost organic materials
  2. Use worms to make worm castings

You can make your own compost which is a form or type of fertilizer. Compost is basically decomposed organic material like dead grass, dead leaves, chipped tree trimmings, fruit scraps, coffee grounds, paper, etc. You place these materials in a compost bin or a pile and let it decompose for a few months. The result will be a rich, nutrient filled earthy soil. You use this to fertilize your plants, garden and/or trees.

You can buy a ready made compost bin or make one yourself. If you want to make your own compost bin then go to Walmart and buy a 20 gallon or larger storage container with a lid. At home, drill ventilation holes in the sides, bottom and lid. Now add 4 parts brown (dead) compost materials and 1 part green (alive) materials. Mix the materials weekly and wet it as necessary. You don’t want the compost to dry out. It will not decompose if it is too dry.

Worm castings is the ultimate fertilizer and is made by red worms. The worms eat organic material, digest it and then excrete the waste. The waste or castings are very nutrient rich and is considered to be “Black Gold” in the garden industry.

You can buy a worm compost bin and worms online. Then all you need to do is provide greens or food for the worms to eat. Kitchen waste/scraps are the best. The worms will transform the kitchen scraps into rich worm castings ready for your garden.

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