How Do You Make Potting Soil?

How do you make potting soil?

You can make potting soil a number of different ways but you want to remember to provide your plants with plenty of nutrients and good drainage. The easy way is to buy a ready made bag of store bought Potting Soil. Or you can formulate your own. I prefer to make my own then I know exactly what’s in it. I use better ingredients too.

This how I mix my own potting soil.

  1. 25% coconut coir
  2. 65% compost
  3. 10% worm castings

The coconut coir provides excellent water management which includes drainage and retention. The compost provides carbon, nitrogen, some minerals and beneficial microbes. The worm castings is the ultimate fertilizer with tons of nutrients, enzymes, bacteria and microbes. There is no better plant food available. All of these ingredients are very cheap and will make a really large amount of potting soil.

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