How Much Fertilizer Do I Need for My Garden?

How Much Fertilizer Do I Need for My Garden?

There are 2 avenues you could go on fertilizing your garden.

  1. Buy synthetic fertilizer and follow the directions on the bag
  2. Use a natural organic fertilizer like compost or worm castings.

Synthetic fertilizers are available for different types of plants like citrus, tomatoes, various flowers, etc. You may need to buy a specific fertilizer for whatever species of plants you have. There may be fertilizers that are good for a variety of plants too. You need to talk to someone who really knows plants and fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers can really help your plants grow and be more productive but they can also harm your plants if you put too much down. So be careful.

Compost and/or worm castings are the “no-brainer” fertilizers. They contain much more nutrients than any other fertilizer, they are 100% organic and are 100% safe.

You can apply as much compost as you want without fear of killing your plants. You can either mix it in with your existing soil or put a 2″ layer of compost on top of your soil or both. Either method works extremely well.

Worm castings or Vermicompost is the one-stop-shop. It provides nutrients, minerals, beneficial microbes and enzymes. There is no better fertilizer. You can put a 1″ layer of worm castings on your garden soil and not have to worry about fertilizing for 6 months. It’s that easy. Most people sprinkle about 2 cups of worm castings in the garden or around trees and shrubs.

Worm castings are a little more expensive than compost but well worth the money.  Good compost can be bought at a home improvement store for about $5 while vermicompost will cost about $12 for a 8 quart bag online.

Kellogg N’RICH Soil Enriching Conditioner is a good compost. I bought a 3 cubic foot bag at Lowes. I like it. Another good compost product is Black Kow composted manure.

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