How Much is Coconut Coir?

How much is coconut coir?

I bought a 10 lb block online for $11 with free shipping. I bought the Kempf Coir Pith Block. I have seen other brands for about the same price at various online stores…from $8-10 for 10-11 lbs. You might be able to buy coconut coir at a nursery or home improvement store but in my area, I have not seen any available. This is the reason I like shopping online. In 2 days my order is on my doorstep.

A 10lb block of coconut coir will expand to 6 or 7 times its volume when you add water and let it expand. The coir blocks are compressed and dried then packaged. A 10 lb block doesn’t look like much but when it’s expanded, it’s quite a bit of material. It’s enough material to amend the soil in several gardens or around several trees. I mix 25% coconut coir with 75% soil around my citrus trees and 25% coir, 25% soil and 50% compost for my gardens.

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