How to Fertilize Soil – easy and simple

How to Fertilize Soil – gardens and grass

Fertilizing soil is pretty easy. The hardest part is figuring out what fertilizer you need and that depends on the plants you are growing and the soil type. So do some research before you go shopping for fertilizers.

Most plants do really well with just compost or worm castings. These 2 fertilizers provide more nutrients than any other fertilizers like say…10-10-5 fertilizer. If you go with compost or worm castings, you can spread it around your plants in any amount you like. Compost and worm castings will never harm your plants no matter how much you apply. You can use it like mulch and leave it on top of the soil or mix it in with the soil.

Some plants like strawberries prefer acidic soils. If your strawberry garden does not have acidic soil then you might have to add some Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0 and a soil sulfur. The ideal pH is around 6.0 – 6.1.

A general all-purpose fertilizer would be something like 5-5-5. It’s a well balanced fertilizer. It comes in organic and non-organic flavors. It’s always best to select Organic.

You can apply fertilizer to your soil and leave it on top or turn the soil. Either way will work since water will pull the fertilizer down through the soil. I recommend using gloves when applying fertilizers.