How to Prepare Coconut Coir for Use

So Coconut Coir is a fantastic soil enhancer like Pete Moss..only slightly better. It comes in a dry brick and needs to be reconstituted with water before using.

So how do we do this and how long does it take?

The first thing you need to do is find something large to put the Coconut Coir brick in like a large trash can or wheel barrow. I chose the wheel barrow.

Here is the 10 lb coconut coir brick in a wheel barrow with some water. I used the hose to soak the brick and fill the wheel barrow up. As the coconut coir gets wet it starts to soften and expand. I used a hand trowel to break up the coconut coir as it softens.

It took about 20 minutes to reconstitute the 10 lb coconut coir brick. I kept wetting it with the garden hose and then breaking off the soft parts until the wheelbarrow was full of the wet coconut coir. I then shoveled it into my raised box garden.

You can see some of the coconut coir on top of the native soil. I used the entire 10 lb brick and mixed it in with the native soil, which I tilled beforehand. It makes an excellent base for a garden or when planting shrubs or trees. It enhances the soil tremendously.