How to Start Vegetable Seeds Outside

So what’s the easiest and most productive way to start seeds for a vegetable garden?

Is it, in peat pots inside?

Or in garden soil outside?

Or by soaking them in water first and then planting them?

I figured this out the hard way…from experience. I tried the peat pots filled with garden soil. I placed them outside on my patio. I put 3 cucumber seeds in a 1/2 deep hole in each peat pot and watered every other day. They dried out very fast because they are exposed to the air on all sides. I tried to keep them moist but failed. They never sprouted after 2 months.

So did I give up? Nope

I had been experimenting with grass mulch in the yard, I have a 6′ x 4′ area covered with grass mulch/clippings. Mulch does wonderful things to soil. Anyway, I decided to throw the last 10 or so seeds into this area under about 1/2″ of soil and then covered it with grass mulch.I watered every few days for about 2 weeks. And Wah lah. I now have 10 seedlings growing throw the grass mulch.

Cucumber Seedlings growing through mulch

Here is a close up of the cucumber seedlings growing through the grass mulch.

Cucumber seedlings growing

So why did this work?

Well, the grass mulch keeps the soil moist by preventing the air from evaporating the water. The seeds stayed moist and germinated in about 10 days.