How to Use Coconut Coir in Gardening

How to Use Coconut Coir in Gardening

Coconut coir is made from the inner hard shell of the coconut. It’s the brown hard shell you have to crack open to get to the coconut meat. The shell is ground up or shredded and then compressed and packaged.

Coconut coir does a number of good things for your garden. First of all, coconut coir adds organic materiel to your garden soil and will over time decompose and provide carbon for plants. But there are 2 other more important benefits.

Coconut coir is a fibrous compost that will change the texture of most poor soils. If you have dry sandy or hard clay soils then Coconut coir will improve it tremendously. On the other hand if you have rich, organic and moist soil, coconut coir will not do much. Coconut coir will stop clay soils from compacting, drying out and becoming rock-like. Coir will allow air and water to drain through but at the same time retain some of the moisture. It’s great for water management.

So there are 2 great reasons to use coconut coir in your garden.

  1. Loosens soil to allow air, water and root growth
  2. Increases drainage and water retention – coir will hold 6 times its volume in water.

Mix coconut coir with your garden soil in a ratio of 3:1. 3 parts soil and 1 part coconut coir.

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