Is Kellogg’s N’Rich Soil Conditioner Good?

Which commercial bagged composts are good  from local stores?

Kellogg’s compost is found at most home improvement stores and Walmart and maybe Target too. But is it any good?

I read quite a few reviews on Kellogg’s organic soil products and they were not good. There were lots of complaints about finding non-organic material like plastic, glass and nails in with the product. Some complained they had bugs in bag with the product also.

OK…I bought a bag of Kellogg’s N’RICH Soil Enriching Conditioner which is a fancy name for compost at Lowes. It was about $5.00 for a 3 cubic foot bag. It’s a big bag and was pretty heavy too…maybe¬† 50lb.

My purpose for the N’Rich was to amend the soil around my Citrus trees which are during poorly. I have not fertilized them…ever. My bad! So I was looking for a good compost to mix with the soil under the citrus trees. This product sounded perfect. Just look at the ingredients. And it was cheap.

Here are the ingredients according to Kellogg.

  • Aged recycled forest products
  • Aged arbor fines
  • Composted chicken manure
  • Gypsum
  • Dolomite – pH adjuster
  • Oyster shell limes – pH adjuster
  • Kelp Meal

Let’s take a look inside and see what the product looks like. Is it filled with crappy materials or rich organic compost?

Here it is. I was pleasantly surprised. It looked like a good compost mixture with all Organic materials. I used my hands to apply the compost to my Clementine tree. I dug out handfuls of the product for the entire bag and found nothing but good compost. I like it.

It was mostly finely mulched with some course organic material probably chipped yard/tree clippings and leaves. I am pleased with the product. I think it will do wonders for my Citrus trees and I may use it in my garden, which I’m in the process of building.

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