My Lemon Tree After Composting

My lemon tree was leafless for a few years…I almost thought it was dead.

So I decided to bring it back to life instead of digging it out. I bought some steer manure compost (2 bags) and mixed it with the soil beneath the tree and started watering it twice a week. I also added some coffee grounds from work.

Here is the Lemon tree after 3 months.

It is now 60% covered with nice bright green leaves. It was completely barren just 3 months ago.

Here is the base of the Lemon tree. I mixed some of the manure compost in with the soil then dumped the rest on top and spread it evenly. It really is amazing how this tree came back to life and has brighter and greener leaves then it ever did.

Here’s the steer manure compost. I bought it at Lowes for about $5/bag.

Here are some of the new leaves sprouting from the barren branches.