Peat Moss or Coconut Coir?

Peat Moss or Coconut Coir?

Both peat moss and coconut coir are soil amendments and provide basically the same benefits which are water management, aeration, texture modification and organics via nitrogen and carbon. There are 2 distinct differences though.

  1. Peat moss will decompose quicker than coconut coir
  2. Peat moss has a slightly acidic pH while coconut coir is pH neutral

Coconut coir is a sustainable resource while peat moss is not. Peat moss takes thousands of years to create while coconut coir is produced daily. Coconut shells used to be thrown in landfills but now they are turned into coir and recycled. Coir is very inexpensive and works like magic when mixed with poor soils like clay and sand. Coconut coir can hold over 6 times it’s volume in water and 1000 times as much air as soil.

Coconut coir is the better choice over peat moss. You can buy it online. It’s sold in dry compressed blocks for around $10.

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