What are Compost Tea Benefits?

So what are the benefits of using compost tea?

  1. If you use compost tea on your plants, you will never need to think about fertilizers, plant food, fungicides or pesticides.
  2. Your plants will grow faster. Compost tea provides the most nutrients possible and are easily absorbed through leaves and roots.
  3. Flowers and fruits will be more vibrant in color and taste better. Your plants will produce more of them too.
  4. Your plants will be healthier. Compost tea has many beneficial microbes that will ward off harmful mold, fungus and bacteria. The leaves will be greener than ever before. You plants will be disease free.
  5. No need to worry about how much or how often to use compost tea because it will never harm your plants unlike fertilizers which can burn plants. You can use compost tea as often as you like.
  6. Compost tea is very inexpensive compared to fertilizers. You can actually make it at no cost by composting your own organic material.
  7. Knowing you are recycling organic materials instead of adding to the landfills is peace of mind.

Here are the results of using compost tea on plants.


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