What is a Compost Activator?

What is a compost activator?

A compost activator is an agent that will speed up the decomposing process.

Manure Activator

Cow, chicken and/or rabbit manure can be added to a compost pile as an activator. It will add nitrogen to the compost and speed up decomposition considerably. Nitrogen and oxygen are the fuels for decomposition. Compost temperatures will increase along with decomposing rates.

Home Brew Activator

Here is a homemade compost activator – dump 2 shovelfuls of a good soil into a 5 gallon bucket. Add 1/2 cup of molasses and 1 packet of yeast. Now fill the bucket up to about 3″ of the rim with warm water. Stir the mixture well and then place it in the sun for 24-36 hours. Periodically stir the mixture until the brew is done. Now pour the brew over your compost pile. The temperature will rise quickly to about 160 degrees F. Turn the compost frequently.

Powdered Meal and Coffee Grounds Activator

Other compost activators are Coffee Grounds (awesome activator), Alfalfa Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Soybean Meal, Blood Meal and Bone Meal. You sprinkle or dust small amounts of these powders over a few layers in your compost pile then water. This will speed up decomposition significantly

Enzyme Activators

Enzyme activators contain dried enzymes and  aerobic microbes that are water activated and stimulate bacterial production. Mix with water and add to compost.

60-90 day complete compost ready solution.

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