What is a Kitchen Compost Pail?

What is a kitchen compost pail?

Is it an indoor compost bin?

…not exactly.

A kitchen compost pail or bin is a small container that you put organic materials from your kitchen in. It is not for composting the materials but to temporarily store them until you dump it in your outside compost bin. Typically it is stored underneath the sink or next to your kitchen trash can. They are small with a secure fitting lid. The lid keeps the smell to a minimum and keeps from drawing flies and bugs.

Let’s take a look at some different styles of kitchen compost pails and bins.

Here is a cool looking kitchen compost bin. It has a secure fitting lid and an easy carry handle.

Here’s another kitchen compost pail or bin. This one is more kitcheny. It looks like a Tupperware container and will blend in with a kitchen nicely. This one is plastic but they do come in stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and painted metal. All different colors to match your kitchen.

Here are some painted kitchen compost pails. Very cute!

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