What is a Pre Emergent Herbicide?

Pre Emergent Herbicide

A pre emergent herbicide is a herbicide (plant killer) or chemical or agent that prevents seeds from germinating or growing. The idea is to prevent weeds in lieu of killing them after they grow which is always more difficult and time consuming.

One of the most effective and common types of pre emergents is Corn Gluten Meal. You can buy it at your local nursery or online. It’s not that cheap, like $35 for a 25 lb bag which really doesn’t go that far. It sounds like a huge bag.

Here’s a link if you want to buy Corn Gluten Meal online…Corn Gluten Meal at Amazon.com

I like Corn Gluten Meal because it is 100% organic and safe to use anywhere AND it works really well at preventing weeds and grass. The protein in corn meal (not gluten) inhibits root growth/formation on newly germinated seeds. The seedlings end up dying rather quickly.

How Do You Use Corn Gluten Meal?

You need to spread it over any area that you do not want weeds or grass to grow in. Then you wet it down and let it dry for 5-7 days. You must reapply the corn gluten meal every 3 months.

When I used it in my front and backyard, it worked really well. I just have to remember to buy more and apply it every 3 months. I wish it was cheap like compost.