What is a Raised Garden Bed?

What is a raised garden bed?

A raised garden bed is an above ground garden. Typical gardens are flat on the ground. A raised garden bed sits higher than the ground in your yard. It is usually constructed with wood, metal or plastic sides measuring 6-12″ high.

These are wooden raised garden beds made with cedar. The raised garden bed allows you to make your own garden soil without tilling and mixing your soil with amendments. It’s much more productive to start from scratch when it comes to garden soil. Raised garden beds are easier and more attractive than flat gardens. Weeding and tilling are easier since the soil is soft and moist. It’s also harder for weeds to invade a raised garden bed than a traditional garden.

You can make a raised garden bed with metal sides or heavy plastic and even permanent bricks with mortar. You can get as creative as you want or keep it simple like square or rectangle shapes. You can start with one and then expand adding as many as you want.

If you choose wood as your building material, make sure you choose a wood that will not rot or be eaten by insects. Cedar is an excellent choice. It’s impervious to just about everything.

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