What is Compost Tea?

What is Compost tea?

Well….compost tea is very similar to black tea and green tea. You make it in the same way with the exception of the hot water and you use compost instead of tea leaves. And it’s for plants.

To make compost tea, you steep compost in water and then filter with a compost tea bag. Sound familiar?

Compost tea is “Liquid Gold” for gardeners and farmers alike. There is not a single product that can do what compost tea can do for plants. It’s like steroids for plants…without the negative side effects. Compost tea makes plants grow faster, greener, healthier and produce more flowers and fruits that smell and taste better. If you desire the best garden possible, then you need to use compost tea on the soil and spray it on the foliage. You can use it as often as you want without any ill effects. Compost tea will never burn plants like fertilizers can. It not only makes plants healthier but also makes the soil balanced and poison/chemical free.

Here is the difference between compost tea fed and non compost tea fed plants. It’s like night and day.


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