What Items Can You Compost?

So what exactly can you throw in your compost bin?

There are some DO’s and Don’t’s when it comes to composting. I will tell you what items you can compost and which ones you shouldn’t.

Do Compost:

  • All vegetable and fruit waste no matter how bad it looks
  • Stale bread, donuts, pizza crust, crackers, cookies, pasta and anything made from flour.
  • Grains such as barley, rice, etc…cooked or uncooked
  • Coffee grinds, teas bags and coffee filters
  • Old spices that you no longer want or are too old to use.
  • Egg shells – preferably crushed
  • Corn cobs and husks


  • Meat and meat waste such as bones, skin, gristle and fat
  • Fish and fish waste
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter
  • Grease and cooking oils

So why can’t you compost these items?

  • Attracts rodents and pests
  • Breaks down very slowly
  • They inbalance the nutrient rich structure of other food and vegetable waste
  • Meat attracts maggots
  • Strong smell
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