Where to Get Free Coffee Grounds

So where can you get free coffee grounds?

  1. Local coffee shops – stop in and ask them what they do with the used coffee grounds. Ask if they wouldn’t mind putting them in a bag and saving them for you. Most will gladly help you if you’re super nice.
  2. Gas Stations – most gas stations have a convenience store that sells coffee. Stop in ask if they would save the coffee grounds and filters for you. Then buy something from the store. It’s good Karma
  3. Diners and restaurants – especially those that are open early or late at night (Denny’s). They probably serve a lot of coffee. Just ask politely.
  4. Office – if you work in an office and they have coffee for employees, then you have a good source for used coffee grounds.
  5. Starbucks – Starbucks has a program for gardeners but not at all locations but anyway they bag the used coffee grounds and give them away free.
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