Worm Castings: What does it do for soil?

Worm Castings: What it does for soil

Worm castings are simply the absolute best fertilizer for gardens, grass, flowers, trees and shrubs. Worm castings are 100% natural and can never harm any plant no matter how little or how much you apply to the soil. It’s Fail Safe fertilizer.

Worm Castings will enrich any soil and enable plants to grow faster, healthier and produce more fruit. You can see the difference in days. It’s remarkable.

Now let’s talk about What Worm Castings are.

Worm Castings are simply the waste product from worms. Worms eat dead plant matter and digest it. Bacteria in the worm’s digestive track break down the plant matter. The waste that doesn’t get absorbed by the worm is high in Nitrogen and serves as fertilizer for plants. There are also enzymes in the waste that make it even more nutritious and easily absorbed by plants.

How to Use Worm Castings

First aerate or loosen the soil in the area you would like to fertilize like the garden or around trees. When the soil is aerated or tilled, it’s easier for the nutrients in worm castings to penetrate the soil when watered. Plant roots will be able to absorb the fertilizer faster and easier when using this fertilizing method.

Now apply as much worm castings as you want to the top of the loosened soil. I usually add about 1 ” of worm castings to my garden and around my trees. Then I use a trowel or hand rake to mix the castings into the loose soil. I then add a little more to the top of the soil.

You can also just apply the worm casting on top of the soil and do nothing else. I have done this when the soil is rock hard and difficult to aerate. It works very well this way too. I apply about 1″ on top of the soil above the root line of trees and plants. Don’t apply it around the base of any plant. That’s not where the roots are.

How to Store Worm Castings

The cardinal rule of storing worm castings is to never let it dry out. Keep it moist in a container with a lid. Store the container in a dark, cool location.

Where to Buy Worm Castings

You can usually buy worm castings locally. Worm farmers will sell castings and worms. I found a local worm farmer in Phoenix, AZ. The worms and castings are pretty cheap. You can also find online stores that sell worm castings in bags. Here is a link where you can buy worm castings…Buy at Amazon.com.

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