What Are the Best Greenhouse Kits?

What Are the Best Greenhouse Kits?

Times have certainly changed in our lives. Technology has continued to impact people’s way of life. The agricultural sector is among the most advancing sectors. Have you ever heard of greenhouse farming? Well, if you have some interest in agriculture, I am sure you have heard about it. Greenhouse/container farming uses a building or structure made with glass or plastic for the purpose of growing plants.

Greenhouses are basically a structure frame with glass or plastic sides and roof. The purpose of the plastic or glass is to allow sunlight and heat to reach your plants when the weather is unfavorable outside like winter. Also, during the night, the plants are kept warm inside. The glass greenhouse will trap heat during the day and keep it all night long.

Greenhouses are great for protecting plants from harm from the outdoors. This allows anyone to control the inside climate to suit the growth of their crops. It is also easy to monitor crop growth in a greenhouse than it is in the open field. Crop monitoring helps you notice any problems with your plants and thus increasing productivity. Greenhouse farming has been of great help to the food industry because it can be done throughout the year. That means you don’t need to wait for summer or rain to farm.

If you are a garden aficionado then you will find some interesting info on the best greenhouse kits. Let’s look at their various benefits and features. You might be enlightened and want to give greenhouse farming a try.

Types of Greenhouse Kits

Let’s talk about three types of greenhouses; small, wooden, and cheap greenhouses. The small ones are also the least expensive. Larger greenhouses are more expensive as you might expect.

Cheap and Small Greenhouses

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This is the perfect greenhouse kit for anyone with a small backyard or garden space. With a size of 27″  x 18″  x  63″; this greenhouse kit can hold 18″ shelves, leaving enough gardening space for you. Interestingly, some people use this kit inside their houses. However, if you decide to go the in-house way, you must be well prepared to be cleaning your house often because of the water spillage.

Materials: This greenhouse kit is made of a robust tubular steel body polished with a push-fit powder. It can be easily assembled without requiring many tools and expertise, and is covered with PVC sheeting to absorb heat and air. The sheeting of this greenhouse is sold separately.

Benefits: This greenhouse kit is made for small plants that are easy to carry. That means if you want to grow bigger crops like corn or tomatoes, you might want to consider a bigger kit. This greenhouse enables seedlings and young plants to grow well despite the outside climate.

However, one has to keep on monitoring them. The only downside about this greenhouse kit is that it doesn’t have ventilation at the top which could limit air circulation around the plants. If you choose this kit, you should set it up on a more stable and well-layered base. In conclusion, the Gardman 4-tier mini greenhouse is ideal for your backyard and will help you cut the budget on vegetables or flower purchases.

Palram HG5008 Mythos Greenhouse.

This is another ideal greenhouse kit to place in your yard. The size is 97″ feet by 72″ feet by 82″ and it has a silver color. It is framed with aluminum material that will not rust or corrode and is ideal for growing small plants, vegetables or flowers. This greenhouse has a twin wall covering of 4 mm poly-carbonate for maximum sunlight capture and heat retention.

Materials: The polycarbonate covering of this structure has a thickness of 4 mm, thus making it strong enough to withstand any force. The roof is also made of polycarbonate material which blocks the UV rays that could cause plants to burn. Plants will definitively receive enough light to grow well.

The polycarbonate sides of this greenhouse kit allow sunlight through reaching your plants for increased photosynthesis. Investing in something that has high durability is worth your money. Because the Palram greenhouse is rust-resistant, it guarantees you long life. This greenhouse has strong aluminum frames with a  heavily galvanized steel base, making it very sturdy.

Benefits: This kit’s space is pretty enough, and it’s around 48 square feet, which is an adequate gardening space. It has gutters that enable rainwater to get to the plants, and it’s easy to irrigate during the dry seasons. No one wants their crops to be damaged by home pets because that will mean losses. Fortunately, the palram greenhouse kit has a magnetic door that you can lock from outside. Additionally, with this structure, your crops are assured of air and moderate temperatures. That’s because it has ventilation on the roof.

Features: The palram greenhouse kit has plant hangers that are made of polythene. These hangers give support to vine crops or help in hanging baskets. Another benefit of this feature to the grower is that it increases shade to the inside of the greenhouse.

However, it is not easy to assemble this greenhouse, and one might need enough time to do it. Luckily, it comes with instructions that guide you on how to put it up. Generally, this is a premium greenhouse kit and looks good in your compound.

Palram Snap & Grows Hobby Greenhouse Kit

This greenhouse kit comes in multiple sizes, and it is ideal for hardening your plants from the word go. Sometimes, people use greenhouses as nurseries, and luckily, plants can be transferred from a conservatory to the open fields, although it’s pretty risky. However, you don’t have to worry about the transfer with this greenhouse since your crops will be hardened. It also reduces the damage of crops after transplanting.

Materials: The Palram snap and grow greenhouse kit is made of an aluminum frame supported by a galvanized steel base. This material is rust-resistant, thus guaranteeing you more extended service. Also, the structure has some polycarbonate materials that retain their original color and doesn’t brittle.

Your crops need to be protected from crop burn, so you need to choose this kit. That’s because it has almost 100% light transmission, and it’s excellent in blocking the UV rays. However, you might have to incur extra costs with this kit. That’s because it doesn’t have shelves and you might need to buy them separately.

Features and benefits: Your plants need enough water. Luckily, this greenhouse kit has gutters for capturing rainwater, and it’s also easy to irrigate the plants manually. Did you know that plants require air as much as you do? This greenhouse kit has ventilation on the rooftop, thus enabling the plants to get enough air. Though this structure has connectors, setting it up might be tricky and time-consuming, unlike other greenhouse kits. Also, one needs to have gloves to protect their hand from the aluminum frame and the polycarbonates edged, which are sharp. Conclusively, the Palram Snap and grow is reliable and has multiple spaces for diversified use.

Quictent Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse

Materials: Your search for a reliable greenhouse kit comes to an end with the Quictent portable kit. This kit is made of sturdy steel frames and boasts a transparent cover. Besides, the body is zipped, making the kit well ventilated and easily accessible. Also, your crops will germinate well and fast. That’s because the greenhouse provides enough warmth since it’s well zipped, especially during the night.

Benefits and features: With this kit, you are assured of durability, that’s because it’s steel frames are coated with a strong powder, thus making it rust-resistant. Also, the covering is strong enough to block the UV rays. Are you in an area that experiences heavy rains? Then this should be your number one choice for a greenhouse kit. That’s because its covering is water-resistant, thus ensuring that your crops are protected from heavy and stormy rains.

Besides, it has two large doors that make it more open and well ventilated. The most impressive part of this greenhouse kit is that it comes with all the accessories. This saves you from extra costs because they are easy to assemble, and one doesn’t require any professional help to pull it up. Also, it has an extended cover, thus covering all the crop beds. In conclusion, the Quictent portable greenhouse is affordable and durable.

Wooden Greenhouse Kits

Wooden greenhouse kits are also excellent for gardening. They can save you money from buying flowers, which are rather expensive or organic vegetables.

Juliana Classic Greenhouse

The Juliana classic greenhouse kit has made home gardening more enjoyable, thus guaranteeing its users a good harvest. We all know that heat is essential for the growth of crops. Therefore, this greenhouse kit is the best because it insulates heat well. Wood is strong and durable, especially when treated well. The Juliana greenhouse is made of high quality and well-treated wood.

It has a glass roof of 3 mm, and it helps curb the growth of algae on top of the kit. Besides, it has sliding doors made of aluminum, and that helps in preventing friction. This wooden greenhouse kit can withstand stormy and windy climates because it is sturdy. Again, it comes with gutters for tapping the rainwater, and it has a warranty of 12 years. Therefore, it is okay to conclude that the Juliana Classic kit is the ultimate choice for your gardening needs.

The Cygnet wooden Greenhouse kit

This greenhouse is not only reliable, but it also adds beauty to your yard. Do you know that sometimes gardening is tiresome? Well, this kit is generously designed with a porch area where you can relax and grasp a glass of water. The Cygnet wooden greenhouse is made of well-treated and robust timber. This keeps it safe from rotting and ensures it serves you for a long. There are stages on one of its sides, and that creates room for placing your crops. However, the Cygnet greenhouse kit is among the most expensive kits around, but it’s worth your money.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Greenhouse Kit

If you are a serious gardener, you will need to find the perfect greenhouse for you. However, there are several factors that one should consider before purchasing a greenhouse kit. That’s because the market has a variety of them, and they vary in features and benefits. Here are some of the most important things to put into consideration.


The structure of a greenhouse is one of the things that must not be ignored. That’s because it determines how long the kit will serve you. In most cases, the frames of a greenhouse are made of either timber or steel metal. The advantage of choosing the one with metallic structures is that they don’t rust. Also, such frames can stand adverse weather. On the other hand, timber ones are beautiful and long-lasting, especially if they are properly treated. The timber ones are also good at retaining the much-needed heat for your plants.


Before buying anything from the market, most people will first ask about its cost. Some will even bargain if the price is high. However, the amount of money you have will determine what you get. Greenhouses vary in prices, and their structure determines their cost and the materials used. In most cases, the best greenhouse kits are expensive, but they give you value for your money.


Plants require enough air for them to grow. During winter, the temperature goes high, causing the greenhouse to be overheated. Whenever there is no overflow of air, the plants will wither and die. Greenhouses need ventilation to maintain stable temperatures. It’s not only about the crops, but you also need stable temperatures while tending to the crops. That is why it is wise to get a greenhouse with ventilation either on the rooftops or the sides.


Greenhouses are available in different sizes, but that is dependent on the space available. Therefore, before looking for a kit, it is wise to notice the available space in your home. Another thing to consider is the size of your crops. Buying a large greenhouse and you plant small crops will be a waste of money.

Warranty and extras

No one wants to purchase something that will spoil quickly and become a waste. That’s why it is crucial to find out if your choice of a greenhouse has a warranty. A warranty keeps you covered in case there is damage. Some greenhouses come with a more extended warranty than others. Also, not all greenhouse kits have everything that you desire. Some will need you to buy extra accessories like connectors, door handles, and gutters. I am sure you would not want to spend an extra coin after purchasing. Therefore, it is wise to go for a greenhouse that comes with everything.


Greenhouse kits are part of your compound and will either add a good or bad touch to your home. Everyone wants something that is eye-catching and beautiful. Therefore, it is essential to choose a greenhouse kit that will look great in your compound. This will make you satisfied, even as you enjoy your gardening.

Advantages of a Greenhouse

There is a lot to gain when you have a greenhouse. Below are some of the advantages of a greenhouse.

  • Require little space: Greenhouse kits require very little space, and one can fix it on the balcony or the veranda.
  •  Highly productive: Plants grown in greenhouses have been known to be very productive. Their growth rate can be easily increased. You can also grow different plants during the entire year.
  • Pests and disease control: It is difficult for pests to invade a greenhouse since it’s enclosed. Plants can grow without insects that eat flowers and fruit.


Building a greenhouse can be an uphill task and costly at the same time. Also, deciding on the most suitable greenhouse can be confusing, especially if you are a starter. Many benefits come with a greenhouse. It saves you from purchasing those lovely flowers and healthy vegetables. However, it is wise to consider your needs and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

This article has broadly expounded on the best greenhouse kits available in the market. Besides, if you have read it through to the end, you are more enlightened about their features, benefits, and greenhouse kits’ materials. Have you been considering to own a greenhouse in your home, then you have the buyers guide, which has sufficiently discussed what you need to look at as you go out to purchase.