Natural Insect Repellent for House and Yard

Would you like to keep bugs/insects out of your house and yard?

…and without using toxic smelly pesticide chemicals?

You can repel insects from your yard and house naturally without using toxic chemicals. I have been able to keep noisy crickets away from my house for 3 years now without using pesticides.

I used to have serious cricket problems every summer. Crickets would get inside the walls of my house and churp all night. It’s just about impossible to get them out of the walls. I had to spray the EcoSmart Insect Spray on the exterior side of the wall where the cricket was. The next day the cricket would be gone.  I’ve had them inside my house too and woke me up at night churping. I would have to find them and kill them. What a pain!!

So how did I I get rid of the crickets?

…Red Cedar Mulch.

That’s right Red Cedar Mulch is a great natural bug repellent. I spread Cedar Mulch around the perimeter of my house in a 2-3″ layer. I push the mulch up against the foundation and then spread it outwards about 2 feet. The sap in Cedar is toxic to insects and they avoid it like the Plague.

Before the Cedar Mulch, I had rock landscaping on my side yards. And crickets seem to love it because I would here them at night in the side yards. If I walked around after dark, I would seem and hear crickets in the rocks. I guess they like the to hide in the rocks for safety. I decided to get rid of the rocks.

I removed the rocks and laid down cardboard and then 3″ of Red Cedar Mulch. it smelled and looked great. The cricket problem slowed down and eventually almost disappeared entirely. Crickets do not like Cedar mulch. I have very few crickets around my house now and no not hear them at night.

I used to get crickets in my garage frequently. So one day I sprinkled some Eucalyptus oil in the garage while the crickets were churping. The crickets disappeared quickly. Peppermint oil also works. This is how Cedar works too.

Cedar Mulch Insect Repellent

Cedar Mulch bug barrier 2

Why do you think Cedar Chests were used to store clothing? Because it repels insects like moths that eat fabric.

Cedar Mulch not only repels insects of all kinds but is also a great soil conditioner. It will help the soil retain moisture and add nitrogen as it decomposes. It also makes the yard smell nice.

Why Does Cedar Mulch Repel Insects?

Cedar is a very popular wood for outdoor projects like decks, furniture, fencing and house trim. This is because it is very resistant to rot and insects like termites. Cedar and particularly Red Cedar wood will last a very long time outdoors. It’s very fragrant which insects do not like.

Cedar trees have a natural oil that is high in Cedrol and Cedrene compounds. These two compounds have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties along with a insect repellent.

Hazardous Pesticides

Pesticides work great but there are some “not so good” considerations when using them around the house. Read the warning label and directions on pesticides before using them. Now think about whether you want to use this product or not.

You should wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, breathing mask and eye protection when spraying any pesticide. Remember this while you are spraying a pesticide…if you can smell it, you are breathing it into your lungs. That’s not good.

Pesticides remain on the soil for some period of time. It you or someone else touches the soil or grass or weeds that have been sprayed with a pesticide, they will get it on their skin and then possible internally if they touch their mouth or eyes. It’s just risky using pesticides. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice like with termites. But other cases may not require a pesticide. Try other methods first and see if they work.

I have had great success with Cedar Mulch and some non-toxic insect repellents like EcoSmart Insect Control spray and Niban Granular Pest Control. Neither of these are hazardous chemicals. They are safe to use around the house and very effective.

The EcoSmart Insect Control spray uses natural oils to repel/kill insects. It’s an organic type of pesticide. It works very well and smell great…minty.

Niban Granular Pest Control uses 5% boric acid to kill insects. When insects eat the Niban granules, the boric acid kills the microbes in the digestive tract which then kills the insect . Boric acid is non toxic to humans and pets.


Cedar Mulch is much cheaper to use as a bug barrier than any pesticide. Most gallon containers of pesticides are about $30 and that last about 6 months. Cedar Mulch costs about $3.50/2 cubic ft bag at Home Depot. I used about 15 bags to cover the backyard perimeter of my house. That cost me $55.00. These 15 bags will last about 3 years. After 3 years, I start adding to the existing mulch, a few bags every other month.

I bought GardenTime Shredded Western Red Cedar Mulch at Lowes.